Students and graduates

With us you can hone your skills and really make a difference, even as a student or recent graduate. One of Perstorp's long-term goals is to maintain contacts with academia on many levels. Internships, thesis work and career fairs are thus important channels, and also good ways for you to discover what it is like to be a part of the Perstorp team and the career opportunities that await you.

You will find many graduates in various professions at Perstorp, making contributions for improving our company every day. Most of them are engineers for obvious reasons, but if you have an academic background in logistics, economics, business or communications, for example, we would be very interested in hearing from you. With your knowledge and drive as a student or graduate, you are just what we need. You can subscribe to our job openings notification service so that you don’t miss out on any new job openings. 

Engineering student?

On the tech side, we have people with bachelor’s and a master’s degrees, as well as graduates of vocational training programs. Many have studied chemical engineering, others engineering physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or biotechnology. Many of our engineers at Perstorp started their careers by doing their theses with us, their internships and/or spending their summers working here. They later joined Perstorp on a full-time basis, often as process engineers, and today you can find them in various managerial or specialist positions at the Perstorp Group. There are plenty of opportunities at Perstorp and we hope you that you’ll also want to discover them with us.

Summer work in Sweden 

Apply for a summer job at Perstorp and kickstart your career in a global company where your performance will be noticed and really counts.

Apply and learn more about summer jobs here

Thesis work

If you are thinking about where you’ll be writing your thesis, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Perstorp you can write your thesis in several different areas and we are always open to new thesis ideas and proposals. For us, a thesis is not only a great way of gaining new knowledge, but also a great way of establishing contacts with future employees. If you are interested writing your thesis at Perstorp, please contact us at [email protected]


Can you choose an internship as a complement to your studies? At Perstorp you can apply for an internship for an exciting and rewarding blend of theory and practice. As an engineering student you’ll be working on various projects with our engineers, but we also offer internships in a number of other career areas.

Perstorp High School

Perstorp is the main sponsor of its own high school. The school offers a three-year program in industrial technology, focusing on chemical processing. The program includes twelve weeks of practical training both in Sweden, where the school is located, and abroad. 
Read more about Perstorp High School at the school’s site.